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Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Group Co., Ltd.


1、Supporting advantages:

2、Scale advantage:

3、Innovation advantages:

4、Environmental advantages:

The company has built 10,000-ton grade sewage recycling center and introduced advanced sewage treatment process. The annual sewage treatment capacity is 10,000 tons, sewage reuse rate is 50%. Actual operating indicators of CODcr, BOD5, SS and chroma are lower than national standard 40%, 50%, 60% and 40%.

Environmental advantages

5、Equipment advantages:

The company has German THEN and THIES vats, Bruckner settling machine, Italian F2 settling machine, American Tube-Tex pre-shrinking machine and other international first-class and domestic advanced environment-friendly weaving, dyeing and finishing, and testing machines, Japanese garment hanging assembly line, computerized embroidery and printing equipment.